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Dick Danger 2: Return Of The Dick



134 min.


Liam Knox, Derek Maxum, Hans Berlin, Adam Ramzi, Micah Brandt, Hunter Marx, Tristan Jaxx, Dakota Rivers


Dick Danger 2: Return Of The Dick, TitanMen Gay HD Porn – As the Hollywood Hills once again descend into corruption, a tough guy comes to the rescue – TitanMen exclusive Liam Knox and Hunter Marx go undercover in Dick Danger 2: The Return of Dick! Tristan Jacks has the hard drive Adam Ramzi needs. They quickly come to an agreement to please them both and exchange verbal information before Tristan gets paid. Fresh out of prison after his deal with Agent Hans Berlin goes awry, Hunter Marx is sent on a mission to please both holes by flipping a large German sausage. Liam Knox and Adam Ramsey are suspicious of each other, Liam texts Micah Blunt and Adam texts Derek Maxham about their oral antics and then spit out their sperm. But Liam Knox can’t help but bend over for the tall Dakota Rivers.

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