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121 min.


Max Konnor, Dominic Pacifico, Shen Powers, Sir Jet, Axel Kane, David Ace, Damian Dragon


Gayvengers, Peter Fever Gay HD Porn Free – Here’s a sexy superhero blockbuster that will make your heart flutter and your ass shake! The story begins when the evil alien genius Phallus (Damian X. Dragon) and his ruthless minions (Shen Powers) deliver an apocalyptic message of death and domination from a spaceship hovering above Earth. This message reaches the eyes and ears of the Gay Avengers, a brave group of superheroes who are the last hope against the destruction of the universe. The heroes use their wits and their ever-present sexual prowess to save the day. Saving the universe from a cosmic crisis is hard work, but these super students never lose their sense of humor or their fiery sexual desire for each other! Don’t miss this fun and action-packed saga! Gayvengers this screen parody of the popular superhero adventures of recent times!

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