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Gentlemen 33 White Collar Blue Collar



121 min.


Charlie Cherry, Dean Menace, Gio Pilos, Giuspel, John Brachalli, Kosta Viking, Michael Lucas


Gentlemen 33 White Collar Blue Collar gay porn download Lucas Entertainment on The world needs all sorts of men, and in gay porn, we witness White Collar Blue Collar laborers getting into some hot and steamy intercourse! Charlie Cherry gives Kosta Viking a hard ass-whacking. Dean Menace learns how to bottom for his massive cock from Giuspel. After work, Kosta Viking comes back to attend to John Brachalli’s requirements. And Gio Pilos yields to Michael Lucas’s authority! Charlie Cherry, dressed in a sharp suit, inspects Kosta Viking’s work on his house. Kosta focuses on his work, but Charlie’s attraction is evident. Kosta accepts Charlie’s advances, even eating his ass while working on a ladder. Charlie becomes a boss in both the office and bedroom.
Dean Menace, a blue-collar employee, was promoted by Giuspel, who saw potential in him. Giuspel also admired Menace’s sexual energy and ambition. Menace uses his assets to advance, serving Giuspel’s boss with his mouth and ass. Kosta Viking returns as a house husband for his high-powered executive boyfriend, John Brachalli. He is eager to help John relieve tension after a tough day at work. John, while powerful in the office, wants to submit in his personal life, and Kosta Viking is ready to dominate him. Gio Pilos is a professional striving to make a significant impact in the executive world and impress his boss, Michael Lucas. He is quick to submit and assert himself for his boss’s pleasure. Enjoy free gay porn download Gentlemen 33 White Collar Blue Collar! Download gay porn categories: Daddies, Hairy Gay Men, Outdoors / Public Sex.

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