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81 min.


Solomon Aspen, Braxton Smith, Bill Warren, Caleb Troy, Fernando Del Rio, Brett Bradley, Sean Duran


HeartbreakR, Pride Studios Gay HD Porn – HeartbreakR, brought to you by Extra Big Dicks, is a collection of wounded men who need a good old fashioned beating to make things better – Caleb doesn’t want a man, he just wants to get laid once and move on, and he really wants that ass to show up often. If he doesn’t want her, he doesn’t wait to get her number. However, during a threesome tour, he sees Sean and his friend Fernando kissing and he feels something for Sean. While Fernando is in the shower, Caleb asks Sean to sleep alone with him. However, Sean refuses the offer and Caleb is rejected for the first time. Caleb is the first to be rejected. Can he find love in Brett’s thick cock?

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