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Old Flame



78 min.


Bryce Evans, Hugh Hunter, Rikk York, Seth Santoro, Billy Santoro, Isaac Hardy, Luke Milan, Tucker Forrest, Landon Conrad, Alessio Romero


Old Flame, Pride Studios Gay HD Porn – Men over 30 bringing you Old Flame. While Isaac and Alessio are acting inside today, in another room Isaac is wearing his leather clothes. When he gets tired of tightening his leather belt, Alessio longs to see him. The sexy couple that everyone wants to be with returns to work and this time Seth wakes up early to prepare a fabulous breakfast for her and her husband. Rick and Hugh go shopping for new lingerie at their favorite store, but it’s not long before they reach her in the dressing room. Tucker and Luke go out for ice cream and spend all day in town and when they return to Luke’s house it’s dark and they kiss for the first time outside the door.

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