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Ripped Studs 2



148 min.


Caden Jackson, Deacon (Sean Cody), Diego Daniels, Jax (Sean Cody), Kurt (Sean Cody), Kyle Fletcher, Lachlan (Sean Cody), Lane (Sean Cody)


Ripped Studs 2 Download Free on On set, two muscular hunks, Manny and Kyle, engage in mutual admiration society, kissing, undressing, and fucking each other. They moan, stroking dicks, and tasting each other’s jizz. Jax and Kurt plan their scene in the shower, admiring each other’s cock heads. Kurt swallows Jax’s meat, and Jax tongues Kurt’s asshole for a deep doggystyle fuck. Kurt moans, cums, and Jax sprays him with a hot load.
In the studio, Deacon and Caden engage in a sexual encounter, with Deacon leading the charge and instructing Caden to worship him. Caden worships Deacon’s cock, and Deacon fucks Caden on the couch. Deacon then fucks Caden missionary, filling him with piledriver and orgasming. The scene ends with Deacon blowing his load all over Caden’s hole. Kurt and Manny enjoy a romantic walk on the beach, posing for the camera. Back at the Sean Cody studio, they undress each other, and Manny sucks Kurt’s cock. Kurt breeds his ass in doggy style, and Manny admires it. Kurt pants and continues to pound his booty without missing a beat Ripped Studs 2.
Sporty studs Lachlan and Lane practice baseball, swings, and pose before returning to the studio. Lane kisses Lachlan’s chest and suckers his cock, then hops to it and performs doggystyle on all fours. They continue to get into it, even after cumming. Enjoy gay porno Ripped Studs 2! Gay porn movie categories: Hairy Gay Men, Bareback.

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