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Skintight (Hot House)



148 min.


Aiden Ward, Cade Maddox, Dakota Payne, Dale (Sean Cody), Des Irez, Ethan Sinns, Grant Ducati, Jake (Sean Cody), Jim Fit, Sean Austin


Skintight (Hot House) Gay Porn Movies HD. It’s an honor for any model to be included in Skintight magazine’s annual wall calendar. But the true pleasure comes from time spent on the sensuous set of this X-rated photoshoot. This bare-bones film follows legendary fashion photographer Cade Maddox. As he handles a session that brings together nine of the industry’s greatest and horniest models. Directed by Trenton Ducati and written by celebrated playwright Ben Rush. Nothing Skintight (Hot House) stays on for long with these ravenous girls. The hung photographer. You will soon witness.
A nude Sean Austin is assisting Ethan Sinns in shaving his ass before the day even begins. When everyone arrives for the shoot, Grant Ducati goes away to locate a location. Where he and his pierced cock can dick down Des Irez. Jim Fit also finds himself breaking away from the crowd of horned-up models to be fucked by a foosball handle. A pool cue, and Aiden Ward’s bareback cock. Jake Klerin and Dakota Payne are the next lovely couple to enter. With Dakota using his meat to fill Jake’s smooth hole. Cade, the photographer, is the one who becomes sidetracked after everyone has returned to work. He can’t help but put his camera down. Drag fresh-faced model Jkab Ethan Dale to the side. Demolish his ass as a mob of models watches in wonder.

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