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Surprise In My Pants



85 min.


Chase Klein, Javier Cruz, Scott Riley, Adam Bryant (II), Toby Springs, Bryan Cole, Alexander Greene


Surprise In My Pants, Pride Studios Gay HD Porn Free – Alexander brushes it off, but Scott senses that he just wants to see his penis. Adam Bryant is helping Javier Cruz prepare for his citizenship exams and has been tutoring him for weeks. After going through a box of various pornographic DVDs and laughing at some of the titles, Brian Cole asks Darina Silvers, “If we were going to shoot a porn scene, what would the title be?” I ask. Her answer is “Suck my dick” and Brian tells her that she really can do it. Toby Springs is instantly attracted to Chase Klein and his well-trained body and can’t take his eyes off him. Chase notices this and just before he takes off his shirt, he asks him if he likes what he sees. Surprise In My Pants gay porn HD free.

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