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Tales From the Locker Room 2



135 min.


Jake Waters, Jim Fit, Max Lorde, Isaac X, Masyn Thorne, Beau Butler, Colton Reece, Max Konnor, Cade Maddox


Tales From the Locker Room 2 Falcon Gay DVD Porn Free Download. The locker room in Falcon’s Tales from the Locker Room 2 has a specific purpose for. Always smelling like ripe dick, perspiration, and muscle. This 100% bareback film, directed by the legendary Chi Chi LaRue. Takes you inside a locker room where muscle hunks utilize the area. As their own personal fuck club and dirty jockstraps blanket the floor. The foul must-watch bareback action from Tales from the Locker Room 2 is a must-watch. So now that you’ve been forewarned of its overpowering odor, be sure to enter. Immerse yourself in that fresh male scent, and take a good whiff. When Colton Reece spots a completely naked Max Lorde taking a shower in the locker area. He is unable to contain his excitement.
Colton pushes his massive dick into the ginger’s hungry bubble. Butt without even taking off his football equipment or dirty jockstrap. Masyn Thorne, a teenage twink, forces muscle man Jim Fit take a breath of his smelly. Jock before coating him in his warm load after. Fit was discovered sniffing piles of used jockstraps. Jake Waters, a college athlete, needs to clean the grubby locker room. But the aroma of new dick keeps him from finishing the task. He’s in luck since Isaac X can help him sate his newfound yearning for musky cock.
Masyn asks Dr. Cade Maddox for advise on. How to jerk off and stop having erections all the time. And the doctor is pleased to provide some practical masturbation techniques right. There in the middle of the locker room since he never likes to let a patient down.

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