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Big Dick Club



126 min.


Sean Christopher, Trit Tyler, Sean Duran, Jimmie Slater, Trey Turner, Lance Bennett, Derek Parker


Big Dick Club Pride Studios Gay HD Porn Free Download – Sean Duran sends Sean Christopher an invitation to join and initiate him into the Extra Big Dicks Club, and when Sean Christopher appears, Sean Duran is wearing a jockstrap and stroking his big dick. Sean is hesitant at first to approach him, but Duran orders him to kneel down and start worshipping his penis. As part of his membership, Sean Christopher has to swallow his big cock deeply. Sean Duran then bends him over, eats his ass and examines his cock to see if he is fit for membership. The initiation consists of Sean Christopher having to swallow his big hard cock deeply as he gets fucked hard in various positions in the club’s playroom. Finally, Sean Duran tells him to report back next week on how good a TOP he can be as the final stage of his initiation.

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