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Take It Deep



79 min.


Devin Doron, Jacob Woods, Jack Winters, Aaron Trainer, Jay Donahue, Dustin Steele, Vic Rocco


Take It Deep, Pride Studios Gay HD Porn – The only thing Jay Donahue has to say about his new lover, Jacob Woods, is that this man has a cock that never stops. Jacob’s desires go beyond his limits. For example, when he wants to fuck her in the locker room without waiting for her to come home after practice. Jack Winters has been waiting all day to suck Vic Rocco’s thick cock. And now, back from work, Jack wastes no time in fulfilling that need – Devin Tyler has been looking for a scene with Aaron Trainer since the moment he saw him naked on set. Now, in bed with him, Devin’s fantasy is about to come true. Dustin Steele is always ready to play hard and rough. Now that Jack Winters has caught his eye, he thinks he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Take It Deep.

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