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Bear Necessities 3



77 min.


Donathan Dramis, Russell Tyler, Claudio White, Guy English, Brad Kalvo, Tony Rivers, John Thomas


Bear Necessities 3, Bear Films Gay HD Porn – What are the needs of a bear? These needs are very important for the bears we cuddle, kiss and sleep with. Well, everyone’s needs for humans may be different, but for us bears and teddy bears, we need meat on the bone or a rooster! They also need to be furry. And most importantly, they need to have what it takes to make their teeth grind as they pound you and tighten your throbbing cock as you fuck them. The Bears 3 – Donathan Doramis, Claudio White, Brad Calvo, John Thomas, Guy English, Tony Rivers and Russell Tyler – will be in attendance. Bear Necessities 3.

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